Used, Guaranteed, Original BMW E24 6-Series Parts

For your E24 (1st-generation BMW 6-series), in other words, your …

  • 1976-1986 6-series BMW (whether a 630CS, 633CSi, 635CSi or even the M6)

… you can buy used OEM (OEM = Original Equipment [of the] Manufacturer) parts from us. With few exceptions, our used parts are guaranteed.

Instead of downloading someone else’s part number database, we built our database content methodically, part by part. We’re adding content on an ongoing basis. We take a part off a car, clean it, inspect it, write down the part number (when we can discern it) and take pictures. Then, we enter what we learned into our custom-built database. We’re all BMW enthusiasts, but our founder is also a software developer, which is how we ended up with our own highly optimized web-enabled database software.

We are not a junkyard but we do have friendly, synergistic dynamics with several formal, legal junkyards, so we obtain parts from them in bulk, focused on the specific models in which we specialize. As you can imagine, we keep our costs low, with this approach.

Although we hope to delight those with reasonable standards, we won’t always succeed.

  • Sometimes, we will make mistakes
  • Sometimes, we won’t have the best prices
  • Sometimes, what we consider good quality, you won’t
  • Sometimes, the parts you want, we won’t have in stock (especially for the M6)

Our main claim to fame is to be responsive, by which we mean that we don’t want to give you reason to be frustrated due to being in the dark, with unanswered questions.

With few exceptions, we also guarantee you’ll like a part you get from us. If you don’t, for whatever reason, you can make arrangements to send it back for a refund.

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